Nicknamed by the locals as the “Hawaii of Canada”, Vancouver Island is home to some of the least known but most awe inspiring places in the region. Campbell River is one of these places. I hadn’t even heard of Campbell River before being invited to explore the area by Destination Campbell River. After visiting for only a week, however, I can honestly say it is one of the greatest places I’ve had the opportunity to explore and would recommend it to anyone looking to reconnect with the raw beauty of nature. Although only a short ferry ride from the mainland, it feels like a completely different world.

Campbell River is located on the Northeastern side of Vancouver Island, flanked by pristine waterfront on one side, and towering mountains on the other. The most prominent feature that stood out to me upon arriving was just how connected the local culture is to the wildlife and nature. Campbell River relies heavily on the diverse fishing opportunities, and the people care for it with the utmost respect.